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Megapolis is a fun tycoon Strategy game with highly addictive gameplay and colorful graphics. Construct beautiful and functional city zones with plenty of modern blocks and keep your residents happy by providing all services they need, and they will reward you with a tidy profit. It's up to you how to play - you can work your way to the top in the comprehensive campaign mode or you can create and play your own custom scenarios.

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  • Highly addictive and deep-yet-approachable gameplay with friendly, intuitive controls
  • Dozens of houses, structures, and other buildings
  • 24 varied campaign scenarios set in diverse environments
  • Build your own custom scenarios
Status Component Minimum Recommended Detected
DirectX ---
Operating System Windows 2000 ---
Status Component Minimum Recommended Detected
Processor Speed 600 1000 ---
Memory 256 512 ---
Video Card Memory 16 32 ---
System Requierments