The Treasures of Mystery Island
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Alex was making just another routine run across the Atlantic Ocean in his cargo plane when his girlfriend's lucky talisman starts to glow. Moments later, as his ride dives toward choppy waters, he finds himself parachuting to the sandy expanse of an uncharted island. When a native rescues Alex, he begins a Hidden Object adventure that takes him into the heart of a strange island, where hidden treasure and the curse of an angry god await!

Your seek-and-find skills will be challenged as never before in The Treasures of Mystery Island as you scour over 30 beautifully detailed locations set in a world time forgot. You'll need to not only find lost objects but also return them to their proper place in order to get help from the natives. You'll also have to collect the scattered belongings of 24 clients, beat over a dozen mini-games and earn a slew of trophies as you solve the mystery at the center of Treasure Island!
Status Component Minimum Recommended Detected
DirectX ---
Operating System Windows 2000 ---
Status Component Minimum Recommended Detected
Processor Speed 600 1000 ---
Memory 128 128 ---
Video Card Memory 64 64 ---
System Requierments